WingBoarding — The Next Aerial Adventure Sport!


In the sky

Wyp Aviation will place you (the daredevil — the thrill seeker) in the sky to carve the clouds. Our WingBoard is like nothing you've ever seen. Watch the video for a taste of the action.

wingboard facility rendering

In the wind tunnel

Wyp Aviation will shift the idea of destination retail into full-blown RETAILTAINMENT. Families of all ages will be able to learn to ride the wind on our WingBoard in a wind tunnel, just as they would in any other skilled sport like skiing or surfing.

Building the WingBoard

In the works

Our first mission was to design & manufacture a WingBoard that almost anyone can fly.

Our patented design will cut through the sky & the wind tunnel for endless fun & adventure.

shark tank appearance

On Shark Tank

On October 1, 2017, founder Aaron "Wyp" Wypyszynski enters the Shark Tank on ABC with his WingBoard. Not only are the usual Sharks impressed with the WingBoard — but special guest Shark, Richard Branson, goes for a ride.



As seen on Shark Tank

Wyp Aviation Entertainment was founded to push the limits of what is possible in aviation. Our goal is to go beyond the simple "wow" factor — and make people rethink what it means to take flight.

Our WingBoard takes the thrill of adventure sports to another dimension, combining the exhilaration of prolonged flight with the rush that comes when you’re in control. With the WingBoard, surfing the clouds is finally a reality.

Are you ready?

Meet Aaron

Aaron 'Wyp' Wypyszynski

Flying since age 13, Aaron has always had a passion for aviation. After receiving a Master’s in Aero Engineering from Purdue, Aaron made Rocket City his home.

For nearly a decade, he has focused on pushing the boundaries of aviation as a flight test engineer.

In his free time, Aaron enjoys towing gliders at the local grass airstrip, giving free introductory flights to kids, teaching his young son how to fly, and building a personal plane in his garage.