Give a kid some legos, he’ll likely build a house. Not Aaron.

​​Born just northwest of Chicago, Aaron’s passion for aviation first became quite obvious when, at the age of four, he built an airplane out of Lego Duplo blocks and began "flying" it around the house. After growing up tinkering and collecting model airplanes, Aaron began flying full-scale aircraft at age 13, soloed at 16, and has not looked back since. ​​When it came time to pick a career, there was no question which direction Aaron would choose: up.

Too tall to pilot jets for the air force, this math whiz decided to he would design airplanes, instead. Aaron found himself at Purdue University, where he earned his BS in Aeronautical Engineering. He then went on to earn his master's degree, also in Aero Engineering.

​Aaron has worked the last seven years as a flight test engineer in Huntsville, Alabama. He spends his free time flying Young Eagles; building a full-scale airplane, modeled after the Wittman Buttercup; and dreaming up crazy ideas like the Wyp WingBoard. 

​Most of all, Aaron has a need for speed. Whether flying or hitting the slopes, Aaron is happiest, to quote a phrase, “going 100 miles an hour with his hair on fire.” When he’s not at the local grass strip or in the workshop, he enjoys hiking with his wife and son, traveling, and sampling craft brews.

About Founder: Aaron "Wyp" Wypyszynski

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Passionate, inspired, with just a touch of crazy.

Wyp Aviation is a small start-up, a long time in the making. From design to prototype to flight test, we have the knowledge and flexibility to face the toughest challenges to take aviation to the next level.

This is the start of something great. This is Wyp Aviation -- making the impossible fly.