The WingBoard is in the final stages of development. Want to be a part of history in the making? Here's how you can get involved:

  • Sponsors

  • Partners

  • Testing/Instructional Wind Tunnel Sessions

  • Wind Tunnel Experience

  • Rental

  • Purchasing


Wyp Aviation is currently looking for sponsors interested in advertising on the WingBoard. Everywhere the WingBoard goes, it draws massive attention. The prototypes have already been featured on numerous websites, CNN, and soon the Discovery Channel.  Contact us if you are interested in advertising your product on the current and upcoming prototypes!


We are rapidly growing a list of partnerships in the WingBoard development. Partners range from business assistance, to marketing, to to test support. Our most urgent need is for additional partners to assist with the final testing and demonstration of the full-scale prototype.  


If you're interested in being one of the first people to ride a WingBoard, let us know!  We are currently developing plans to conduct additional wind tunnel testing. To help offset costs and receive additional input on the design, we are hoping to set up several wind tunnel instructional events. This will be a chance for you to ride the WingBoard in a safe and controlled environment and help us push the final development of the WingBoard!

Wind Tunnel Experience 

Want to try the WingBoard but not ready to strap in behind an airplane; try the WingBoard in the controlled environment of a Wind Tunnel! In parallel with our in-flight experience, we are also developing an indoor flight experience that will allow anyone to experience the WingBoard in a low risk environment.  The addition of in tunnel visuals via VR headsets and projections will allow you to experience the full thrill of WingBoard flight while never being more than a few feet off the ground!


Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide WingBoards to facilities to rent.  Whether it is drop zones, adventure parks, or wind tunnels, our goal is to provide WingBoards for anyone to ride.  We are rapidly developing this segment and will have more details in the near future. 


We do not anticipate providing WingBoards for sale until late-2017 at

the earliest; however, we are narrowing down the price range. Price ranges are still a bit wide as we narrow down production rates and features. For instance, elements such as whether fiberglass or carbon fiber are used have significant impacts on price and performance.

There will be numerous ways to purchase your very own WingBoard. 

  • Ready-to-Fly Personal WingBoard: $15,000-$30,000
    • Designed for recreational use
  • Ready-to-Fly Commercial WingBoard: $40,000-$80,000
    • Designed for high-volume use in a rental type setting
    • Military grade electronics for harsh environments and use
  • WingBoard Kit: $5,000-$10,000
    • Build it yourself and save on the labor
    • Contains all the major components and will take 100-400 hours of labor to complete depending on kit finish level
  • Plans: $300-600
    • Source your own parts and save
    • Plans are the same as for the Kit version