Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you learn to WingBoard?

A: The easiest way is in a wind tunnel! Similar to our current testing, we have already secured partners to allow for initial training to be conducted in the safety of a wind tunnel.

Q: How do you start?

A: The WingBoard takes off the same way that a glider does.  The landing gear allow for a safe and smooth takeoff behind the tow plane

Q: How do you land?

A: For most people, by parachute.  For the really adventurous, you can land while still being towed by the plane!

Q: How is it controlled?

A: A combination of body position and control input.  The rider leaning forward and backward is the primary way pitch is controlled.  Fine roll control is provided by body position while ailerons provide additional stability and allow for aerobatics.

Q: How can this possibly be safe?

A: Safety was the primary focus from the start -- the design incorporates numerous built-in safety systems.  Automated release systems for bindings and tow lines and a parachute system capable of low altitude opening ensure rider safety in case anything goes wrong. The system is also designed to be aerodynamically stable, reducing the rider workload.

Q: How is it regulated?
A: The WingBoard will fall in the unpowered Ultralight category, similar to hang gliders.  For recreational purposes, this means that there is very minimal regulation and the WingBoard can be towed by any approved tow plane.  We are still investigating the regulations for  commercial purposes in the United States, but from our current discussions with regulators, it should again be similar to commercial hang glider rental operations. 


What Is the WingBoard?​​

Courtesy of the Walt Disney Archives


Remember Kit Cloudkicker? Scores of millennials grew up watching TaleSpin, dreaming of carving through the sky like Kit on his airfoil. With the Wyp WingBoard, surfing the clouds is finally a reality.  

Pilots Sean Tucker and Chuck Aaron continue to push the limits of aircraft maneuverability and performance, while the designs of inventors such as Burt Rutan explore the outer reaches of aerodynamics. The passion of these contemporary aviation greats has inspired Wyp Aviation to pursue development of the WingBoard to go beyond what has been considered possible and explore this revolutionary new way of experiencing flight. 

Meet the WingBoard: it’s like a wakeboard, but instead of slicing through waves behind a boat, you’re carving through the clouds behind a plane. 

Whether it’s wakeboarding, gliding, skydiving,

wing walking, or flying with a wingsuit, adventure
enthusiasts continue to push the envelope. The
WingBoard takes the thrill of these adventure sports
to another dimension, combining the exhilaration
of prolonged flight with the rush that comes when
you’re in control.

Numerous safety features and design elements have been incorporated to ensure the WingBoard is intuitive to use and safe.